Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello to the void...

So, here it is, months and months gone. A whole entire season has passed (and then some) since the last time that I posted. Life has continued. Time has marched on. And decisions were finally made. Last week, after months and months of tense waiting, we received the news that I'm about to shoot out into the ether that is the internet... they are closing The Mister's facility and moving it to Ohio.

Okay. Well, no more uncertainty about that, eh? To say that the mood is far from light around here would be an understatement. All these months of waiting, for this? All the champions of keeping this group where it is have been defeated by big business.

Corporations suck. Period.

As life would have it, on one of the most beautiful fall days to spend walking the beach, the day before they made the dreaded announcement, we got word that one of The Mister's good friends and former colleagues (he was at work when he had the seizure that would lead to his diagnosis) finally succumbed to brain cancer. He was in his later 40's. Perhaps it was the last gift that he could give to those at work who were so close to him: the gift of perspective. Viewed through the lens of his death, people were talking about how life is too short and precious to be living in a place where you wouldn't be happy.

Do we want to move? No, we do not. We know that we would give up too much personal happiness. So, what happens now? I wish that I knew. I also wish that it hadn't taken so damn long for them to announce their decision... being a huge corporation, I'm sure that their decision was made ages ago.

There's not much for me to decide, really. I'd rather eat glass than move, at this point, but that's neither here nor there. So, what to do? Currently immersing myself in French fiction and red wine to distract myself from the possible outcomes, I haven't the vaguest notion of where this will all end. 'Til later....